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We offer a full range of services of enterprises by regulatory authorities and in the area of labour, work safety and industrial security legislations.

1. Legal support, trade union organizations interests representation in the courts, protection from the trade union organization activities unauthorised interference.
2. We represent the company (employee) in the industrial injury investigation.
3. Control and legal support on the locally supervisory agencies auditing including State Labour Service of Ukraine and its territorial bodies inspections.
4. Preparation, documentation development of work safety, occupational health and safety management systemaudit performance internal policies and procedures.
5. We render assistance during the civil law contracts completion for work performance.
6. Collective contract, employment policies and procedures, regulations on compensation, regulations on bonuses formulation.
7. The arrearage of salaries collecting of the employer, damages for untimely calculation with the laborer while firing and others entitlement payments.
8. We deliver legal services on start entering into service of high-risk locations, equipment, production lines, sites entering into service (native and foreign).
9. Appealing the administrative and criminal proceedings connected to the contravention of Ukraine Labor Code and the Act of Ukraine of Work Safety.
10. Expertly Technology Centres legal counseling.
11. Antiraidership legal audit of an ongoing business with a view to developing an effective raidership contrariety system.
12. We render assistance and legal services in permit and license obtaining as follows:
12.1. Work Safety consent document (State Labour Service of Ukraine):

- heightened danger work permition;

- operation and employment of heightened danger machinery, devices, furnishment permition;

- declaration for performance of heightened danger work;

- declaration for heightened danger equipment handling;

- nondestructive testing laboratory qualifying examination;

- work safety inspection during heightened danger work performance and heightened danger equipment handling.

12.2. Ecology consent documents:

- special water usage permition;

- water supply wells certificates recovering and composition;

- water services certificate;

- discharge of wastes in the drainage condition;

- waste management license;

- open air emissions permition;

- subsurface usage license and special permition;

- state environmental expertise conclusion;

- sanitary-epidemiological expertise conclusion.

12.3. Passengers’ transportation and freight carriage licenses.
12.4. Abroad employment license.
12.5. Building license.
12.6. Medical Practice and Chemists Shop finding License.
12.7. Educational activities license.
12.8. Security guard activities license.
12.9. Tout operator license.
12.10. Fireguard license.
12.11. National Bank of Ukraine license.

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